Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birthday Parties!

Hi! Tomorrow my oldest niece will be celebrating her 6th birthday and so I decided that in honor of Miss Zoe Marie (est. 3-12-2006) I would share some of my favorite kids birthday party items. 

I know that I already have a big giveaway running from this blog already this month but because my "Aunt-iversary" comes but once a year as well, I will be kicking off another awesome giveaway on Monday!  So stay tuned but for now, enjoy these fun birthday themed items I found on Etsy.  Aren't they pretty?


  1. Really cute finds! I am going to check out some of these sellers now! Thanks for sharing

  2. Gorgeous! It is such a lovely post. I am also planning to book a convention center nearby for my nephew’s birthday. I think coming across this post was a matter of luck because I got some really good ideas for his birthday celebration.